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Tracker Ratio Operation Guide
Here is a general FAQ link to a forum post made a while back by one of our moderators that still applies and can be helpful at FAQ

All members get 1GB ratio boost upon registration, so use it wisely. This community cannot live if people do not share. If you don't maintain your ratio, system will automatically give you warning everytime upon login and then after some time, it will ban you from the site. Best way for you to not be banned is increase your ratio by seeding or donating or upload your own torrent registered with our tracker. Remember, if you don't have high speed bandwidth, then you can always seed multiple torrents each at 2kB/s for many days to help out all other members like yourself and increase your ratio.. We don't keep track of external Torrents. The ones with(EXT) in the torrent page. That doesn't mean you should not seed them, cause people from this community need to download them as well. So always share/seed any torrent up to a 1.0 ratio, at least.

These tracker settings have been specifically requested by community veterans (IranianTorrents Tracker/Forum administrators) and has been punched into the system and is now automated and out of our control. The ratio requested is 0.50, which is not bad at all and we find this setting very reasonable. This message basically is to make sure you don't get caught by surprise. Here is the setting that you need to pay attention to. A ratio of 0.50 and lower will get you banned! Duplicate UserID from same IP will get you banned! Additionaly, there is 100 hour wait time if you download any newly created torrent and your ratio is less than 0.75, that you will see in torrents page under WT column. So basically, help yourself out and do the right thing. Last thing on SR subject, do not use ratio cheater. You'll just make it worst for yourself. Good Luck to you!

Few have asked what they can do. It is simple. Seed to increase your ratio or upload your own iranian torrents to our tracker or donate so we can increase your ratio! uploading any external torrents will not help with your ratio. Seed the torrent that you have downloaded from this tracker to increase your ratio or upload only Iranian related torrents that you have created using our tracker announce, which means the same as seeding. Do not upload non-Iranian Torrents, you will get banned. You can upload those on mininova, piratebay, demonoid and all other trackers that are general purpose trackers and we encourage you to do that and you should do that. We are fans of great films/movies and others contents from around the world as well as Iranian. But this site is only for Iranian related Torrents. Thank You.

Please note following changes effective from now on: A $3 donation equals to 1GB upload ratio boost There is 100 hours of wait time if your ratio falls below 0.75, all users with ratios below 0.49 will be banned! If you get banned, you can only seed and you can't access site to download any torrent until you donate or seed to better your ratio then system will unban you automatically. Therefore don't delete the torrent after you finished your download and you'll need it to seed if your client is not behaving right! We will remind you with above settings with a warning message everytime you login if your ratio is below 1.0 some of the other sites have wait time at 300hrs and we think, that is way too much. Wait times are a chance for you to seed before your ratio falls any lower and get banned!

Please do not directly send email to admin of this site/server. Your email will go to technical admin team and we are not allowed to respond to the site members directly. has forum and tracker administrators/moderators (staff) that we work closely with and they are accessible via forum/tracker. We suggest, if you have any questions or need help, post your question in the forum under General Category, in the site Questions/Support/discussions board. We are sure that community members/administrators/moderators will jump in and help you out.

-Technical Admin Team!

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23% (35 of 150 Dollars)

Goal: $150
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$1 = 666.66MB Share Ratio Boost
Increase seed ratio by seeding or converting seeding bonus points or make a donation.
Regular Members are Limited to 2 downloads at a time and ratio must be over 0.5 to be able to continue to download. On ratio below 1 , you will be warned when you log in to the site to increase ratio.
$25 donation= 3 month VIP status (no limit on download),if Ratio stay high, VIP rank stays!
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