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Welcome to Iranian Torrents Community!

We are a member supported and non-profit community center and our site is free to use. The founder's idea was/is to increase interest in Iranian movie, films, music, art, culture, language. This vision requires a list of Iranian related torrents, so it will encourage others to join in, by either uploading, downloading, or at the very least, being part of the community. We will stick to this vision. You can look at this site as a cultural awareness type of website. We advise all of our members to upload torrents that at least have English subtitles for non-persian speaking members. Very important note is that, the site does not belong to only persian speaking members or members who think they know everything about Iran or Iranians! This site belongs to World Wide Web (www) and primary language used is English and of course, secondary language is Persian(Farsi)/Iranian.This site being in English language and promoting English subtitle contents, has helped to ease the tensions in the world!

We would like to index torrents such as Iranian Movies, Tv shows/series, Documentaries, Arts, Music, Films, Theatrical shows, Sports and etc. This site might remove torrents upon valid copyright holder request. The reason we will remove torrents, cause our intention is not to abuse anyone (directors, producers, actors, actress and others), rather to spread the word and stick to our mission. But we will not remove external torrents. You have to contact those external trackers for them. To contact us, email admin at iraniantorrents dot com.

Here is how you can help and get started:

1) Donate (every week, month) so we can pay for our monthly expenses to operate this site and stay alive.
2) If you find torrents that are in the forum posts but are not listed in the main torrent index page, please upload them to the tracker.
3) If you find any iranian torrent on the net that adhere with our torrent requirement (refer to info/FAQ/Guidelines in forum announcement section), upload them, even if it looks dead.
4)Under forum announcement and through out the forum, you'll find rules/faq/guide and etc. Search/browse and learn more about the site and history of it.
5) All registration emails are now successfully send to your email address. You must validate your account by clicking on registration email to have full access. From time to time, yahoo/gmail/hotmail mail servers, they have their own problems. Just try re-registering from another email account, until you get validated!
6) Sometimes active torrents show up as dead in the torrent index page, since scraping might not work from the external trackers, therefore the torrent might very well be active and you have to download to see it for yourself.
7) Learn about Iranian Cinema, Theatre, Films, Art, Music, Culture, Language through valuable reviews and other informations in the forum and from torrent content themselves.
8 ) Get involved, Rip, Subtitle, Share, Upload, Seed, Post and engage in the forum community.
9) and finally but not least, Enjoy your downloads!

Here is a brief history of the site and technology. was created on Oct 20, 2006. During first year and half, it utilized Joomla as a dynamic frontend content managment system for Iranian movi es with torrent indexing and Simple Machines Forum (SMF) as means for live discu ssion on vareity of related topics in the community. When Demonoid Tracker had t o take few month off during second half of 2007, we decided to add a torrent tracker (bti tracker 1.4.x) with examination and anticipation of forum integration and mor e importantly less admin work involved in the Joomla frontend maintenance to ind ex torrents. We ran this torrent tracker extensively in a test trial from Oct 20 07 till April 2008 as a seperate instance from a different location and we reali zed it could be helpful in many different ways. It is important to note that in Mar-Apr 2008, our hosting company went out of business, and we managed to do a f ull backup of forum , but perhaps might have lost some of the great work done on Joomla frontend that had a pretty good movie database information. So we were f orced to find a new hosting and had to ran iraniantorrents only through our test tracker (btit) hosting location with registeration turned off and forum activites halted for few month. But since tracker was now a new frontend and it could replace Joomla fro ntend, we were still semi functional and good to continue. By end of May 2008, a fter a challenging period of two months, we upgraded our previous torrent tracker to xbtit tracker which is the next version and integrated it fully with our existing standalone SMF f orum and the result is what you see now. In mid 2008, with this new site, all ad mins and moderators discussed and were able to formulate rules/faq and a generou s tracker ratio guidelines that are now in effect. During second half of 2008, we have fully customzied the tracker and added additional features and modifications and integration to the site and we are enhancing the site with few more upcoming exciting projects as we roll over to 2009.

For partnership/affiliation, placing advertisement and other outlet connections such as press, media, news, business and technology integration or to provide grants, funding and large contributions, feel free to contact admin at iraniantorrents dot com via email.

-Technical Admin Team
-Tracker/Forum Administrators

Please Support US

Apr 2017 Donation Progress 23%
23% (35 of 150 Dollars)

Goal: $150
Collected: $35

$1 = 666.66MB Share Ratio Boost
Increase seed ratio by seeding or converting seeding bonus points or make a donation.
Regular Members are Limited to 2 downloads at a time and ratio must be over 0.5 to be able to continue to download. On ratio below 1 , you will be warned when you log in to the site to increase ratio.
$25 donation= 3 month VIP status (no limit on download),if Ratio stay high, VIP rank stays!
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