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Torrent's details
Name Khamushiye darya (Silence of the Sea) (2003) - Vahid Mousaian
Torrent Khamushiye darya (Silence of the Sea) (2003) - Vahid Mousaian
Info Hash 014bc72165699dfa6cad3338f5f015e4aa410769
Subtitle: English, French, Arabic, Farsi
Movie: IMDb URL:

Plot: Settled comfortably in Sweden with his wife and two children, Siavash finds himself at middle age consumed with guilt for having abandoned his parents when he left Iran many years before. A hasty attempt to return finds Siavash stranded in the free port of Qeshm, a sort of island no-man's-land and departure point for smugglers, where the locals are as puzzled by this backwards-fleeing refugee as he is by their unfamiliar customs. Director Vahid Mousaian's second feature is an accomplished mix of allegory, understated drama and absurdist comedy filmed in a muted, detailed palate in the style of Iranian masters such as Kiarostami. Awarded Best Music (Asia-Pacific Film Festival) and Best Feature (Dubrovnik International Film Festival), and recipient of a Jury Prize at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, this tale of a worldly Iranian out of step among his more traditional countrymen illustrates the poignancy of the expatriate's condition. Although making use of specific locations, the film also has a broader resonance as a poetic reflection on life in exile.

Source: Retail DVD
Duration: 1h 22mn
Dimensions: 704x448
Framerate: 25fps
Codec: X264 @ 1255 Kbps
Language: Farsi
Subtitles: English, French, Arabic, Farsi
Extras: Chapters, cover

Note: Although mainly a Farsi language film, there are significant portains in Swedish and also in local Iranian dialects. Those portions are hard subbed in Farsi, so the selectable subs are placed at the top rather than at the bottom of the screen.

Category DVD-Rip
Rating N/A
Size 742.37 MB
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1 file
AddDate 24/03/2009
Uploader indian_bluesDonor
Speed 0 KB/sec
Down 5 times
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mohaDonor 26/03/2009 20.59.11
This is the same torrent which I had uploaded before!!!!! What a coincidence!
adminDonor 25/03/2009 16.57.06
yea..most of leechers/seeds happend on that one a while ago..
this one is smaller ripsmile1.gif
indian_bluesDonor 25/03/2009 14.49.55
oops i don't know it is already posted. tongue.gif
adminDonor 25/03/2009 03.40.03
okay we have two rips of this

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