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Latest News
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 18/11/2014 00:57
Title: Donation options

Below are options for your Donation to our non-profit community website.

1) Most of the banks now can do fund transfer via email or text.

I have setup to receive donation via email. It has now been tested and it works fine.
Please check with your bank and send me a personal message on this site first and then try to send donation via bank through email. Check with your bank website on sending/receiving via txt and email.

2) Snail Mail- Donation with check or money order must be mailed and made out to:

2470 Stearns St. #212
Simi Valley, Ca. 93063

3) Bitcoin
use address:   1Hbg8Hqg6qXbCXj1jWt6UvuBAr4D7nRf64

4) Amazon Gift Card
Go to , select amount and put as recipient email, your name and put your id in the message. 4 Clicks and it is done.

5) Google Wallet
Go to Google wallet and just send to , PM me userid

6) Venmo
Go to  and just send to , put $ amount for ITC. PM me userid

Thanks for supporting

With donation methods, only put "ITC , your userid" in the message, and nothing more than that! If you need to say thank you in details , please put in the Personal message on this site. You must PM me (admin), when you donate! Thank you for your consideration.

All donations will be allocated to keep the site up and help us sustain and expand. Primary expenses are servers, hosting, domain renewals, mail servers, backup devices, websites. We do not use donations for the  contents of the torrents. I will adjust your share ratio for good will of your donations.

666 MB will added to upload ratio per $1 of your donation. Maximum two torrent downloads per member still is in effect.

$25 donation to community, will upgrade your membership to VIP for 3 month without any limit on downloads and also increase your ratio, if ratio stays high, VIP rank stays!
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 19/05/2014 09:18
Title: Bitcoin Donations

FrostWire is a new bittorrent client and file sharing software that has many features including ability for people to donate to bittorrent sites via various payment methods including bitcoin and lightcoin. I recommend checking it out and see if you can make a donation to this site via bitcoin.

btw, check out the persian shoes In Esfehan @ , they only take bitcoin.
Nice shoes!
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 06/05/2014 07:17
Title: WebSite Outage

We had few weeks of unplanned outage for new internet path provision due on May 12th. Sorry for inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.

I also used to this downtime to move site to new server. I was finally able to locate credentials needed to move server pointer on a new path.

There has been some new changes on the server. There are few issues with the site that I have noticed. I'll work through them and try to fix them soon.

Posted by: admin
Date posted: 10/03/2014 21:53
Title: Seeding Bonus System change

For every hour the tracker system registers you as seeder you will receive 1 points per torrent even if there is no one downloading (no leecher on the torrent)

Bonus Setting used to be 0.25 per torrent per hour. This is an extra incentive. You still are tracked for uploading data which always is increasing your upload ratio.

At 100 Bonus points or higher, you can exchange the points for 1GB upload ratio boost added to your account. You can see your bonus number setting on the third tool bar menu as (BON number).

This change was inspired by Hoji, so we continue always try to do a little more to help all the seeders and encourage them seeding and helping out other new members.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 15/01/2014 01:26
Title: New Moderator - hoji65

hoji65 will be joining our moderator group assisting the admin group.

Moderator and admin group will work with our community to tackle some of the overdue maintenance tasks on the site's components such as torrent index, forum posts and maybe later user index/pruning and many other areas that we will identify through the maintenance phase (including web software upgrades)

I welcome you to work with our efforts to maintain the index of torrents and keep them organized and well seeded for all the new members joining into the community.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 22/06/2013 18:14
Title: facebook url

Please go to and give us some likes. I am finally finding some time to build automated integration with facebook. I did twitter few years ago @

In the past, if you were a fan of iraniantorrents and created a facebook page, thanks for your help. Now, please go to facebook and change username iraniantorrents @ to something else, so I can reclaim it back for official iraniantorrents facebook page.

Thank you
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 19/05/2013 18:49
Title: Ext Torrent scraping under development

Development server Instance has been setup. SVN will be setup next for cloning and code integrity, then modification/testing of multi-tracker tcp scraping module, then after that,  udp scraping. The modification will apply to all external torrents indexed. If successful, then we will have stats for seeders/leecher on index for all new EXT uploaded torrents.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 04/01/2013 20:54
Title: Server move

I am planning on decommissioning our old server (solaris OS) that has kept us running for many years. This site will be migrated to a new server. You'll see notification for maintenance when this migration occurs.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 01/07/2012 21:22
Title: Thanks for Your Donations for June!

Every month , progress bar in donation block has either $0 or Red , Yellow or Green Bar. It has been in Red most of the year.

I need the monthly donation progress bar to at least reach Yellow color, so we are even and can pay the costs and  exist on the internet. I don't want to put advertisement on site and ruin it all!

Thank to all Donors for month of June. Please make sure we are not at $0 or Red progress bar every month. I can't afford any more month in Red color.

Thanks you all!

Posted by: admin
Date posted: 07/02/2012 03:23
Title: Donations!

As of now, I have a list of major issues regarding this site that I have to address soon. Servers will be taken away from us soon and invoices are piling up. I can't keep this site running like this.
We need help to pay the bills for the site. Donate whatever amount you can afford, even if it is $1. If everyone donates $1, it'll all add up and will help a lot. You can help the site to stay alive with your donation and you are also increasing your share ratio.

$10 donation is one month VIP access which allows unlimited download and no ratio check will be performed while downloading torrent.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 31/07/2011 07:15
Title: Ratio Increase

Everyone now have 1GB added to the their upload ratio. All new users starts with 2GB uploaded from now on.

Keep in mind, tracker still enforces ratio and site always will provide warning and waiting time for the user to increase ratio by seeding or converting seeding bonus points or donation. It is up to the members to manage their upload/download and evaluate what they are downloading and what size download is and how they can go about it all and keep track of how to increase upload and what to upload and download and get the best of it. Smart members who like to help out and share , they always will have a good share ratios and no worries and also site monitors them and easily converts them to VIP which have no limitation on number of downloads, but ratio still needs to be maintained very high.

Regular Members are Limited to 2 downloads at a time and ratio must be over 0.5 to be able to continue to download. On ratio below 1 , you will be warned when you log in to the site to increase ratio.

$10 donation equals ratio increase by 3.33 GB upload and 1 month VIP plan

Posted by: admin
Date posted: 29/05/2011 04:24
Title: donations

Is everyone still broke?
do you need other ways of making donations to help out with cost of running this site, like snail mail or other methods?

pm me, if this is the case.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 06/02/2011 06:36
Title: Donation System

The automatic donation listing is under maintenance for several days and sometimes it won't display incoming donation instantly, but all donations transactions are queued and share ratios updated soon after. I will check the list and share ratios to make sure it is reflected properly from time to time, during this maintenance.

Posted by: admin
Date posted: 25/10/2010 00:19
Title: The site was down!

The site was down for a while, but it is now back up again.

Site has been down because of not enough funds to meet our expenses to keep site up and running.

Financial support from the community users is the only source for keeping this site alive!

The monthly donation goal for this site has not been met for several years.

Thanks in advance for your monthly donations of whatever amount that you can afford, even if it is one dollar!
All the one dollar donations adds up and helps to keep site alive for all other community members and global internet users.

Please feel free to give your input and feedback in proper area in the forum. I can't guarantee a response unless it is necessary, but your comments will be read and digested by the staff.

This site belongs to you and it is up to you to keep it alive.

Posted by: admin
Date posted: 13/05/2010 21:49
Title: latest uploaded torrent

There have been bunch of uploaded torrents lately, that is indication of new members trying to fix ratios and they just go and create all together a new torrent and upload to the site, without seeding, while old exact data (avi) file/torrent was still live and they perhaps don't know how to point data dir to older similar torrent already indexed and seed them!

If you upload a new torrent registered with this site, you need to seed it for few days/weeks at least and pass it along to others. Otherwise, I'll be deleting such uploaded torrents without no seeds!

Please keep the site wise and clean.


Posted by: admin
Date posted: 19/02/2010 08:43
Title: Place your Advertisement!

* Iím adding AD blocks/text link spaces slowly to the site. I do currently offer few banner ad blocks as you can see them. Advertising companies and publishers who are interested can PM or email admin at iraniantorrents dot com with your name, service/company, link URL and your banner file or external banner ad image and Iíll review your info and if qualified, then I'll setup your account and place your campaign on our ad server. Please do note that I do not accept all ads for this site and I monitor links for malware/misuse and etc. I reserve the right to refuse ads. I'll soon add more text links and banner ad blocks including skyscraper locations to choose from. Rotating ads from same publisher will cost more. Rotating ads from different publisher will cost less and is effective when we have many publishers. Multiple month publishing will also give discounts soon. Our ad server takes care of your advertisement campaigns with performance reports and takes into acct Impr., Clicks, CTR, Rev., ECPM statistics. Geo Targeting are among some of the additional features. Weekly rates also available. We have carefully calculated our website stats and targets, internet advertising web trends and will give you an affordable price based on your AD size, location, target, Pay Per Impressions (CPM) or a fixed weekly/monthly price.

Here are a list of good advertisements for this site that I recommend: seed boxes hosting, Internet Host/Service Providers, all computer & internet technology related services, software and hardware products and latest gadgets and new innovative products, external hard drive storage, bittorrent stuff, other file sharing sites/protocols/tools, all Iranian related ads, audio/video software kits/tools and converters, media and social networking sites/services, websites, movies, films, music, international news and current affair, politics, travel, entertainment, sports and etc. I am sure I missed many others categories! But you get the drift. I want to make sure it is beneficial to our community members and also to the advertising publishers and keep everyone happy!
You can also find our latest traffic stats here at
To our dear members, if you know of any friend's business or a company that would like to place advertisement on IranianTorrents, feel free to refer them to the site. That allows them to not only sponsor our community and our site's mission but also give us an opportunity to help their business by purchasing or be exposed to their services/products and help out with spreading the words through world wide internet social networking power associated with it. Thanks.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 03/01/2010 22:44
Title: some latest stuff!

* New feature that might be coming up: If your IP is in Iran, the tracker will allow you to operate with a lower ratio!

Community in Europe, North and South America and other parts of the world hopefully can fill in for those members in hardship and limited bandwidth in Iran!

This feature will be a work in progress and will require lots of custom development and will be analyzed further!

* Latest traffic stats:

* You can use to type p(f)english and then copy and paste farsi into forum posts or shoutbox or torrent (description field) detail if you have to!. although, this site prefers everything in English first and is designed for international world wide web usage!

* Spam/scam PM, If you see a person online for a long time is going through usercp if you hover on his name in online block and you got PM from him/her, that is looks like spam/scam, report them to me

* your acct will not be removed after you create it, it'll go through our deactivation and pruning programs periodically, don't send pm to remove it!
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 08/12/2009 01:04
Title: Latest FAQ!

I got many more PM on how this site works and the local torrents and etc.

Here is how it works. This tracker is a private tracker and only accept private torrents. External torrents can be uploaded too. Externals listed here are open to anyone to download and there are no restriction from this site in regards to ratio for them. Maybe there are from the trackers they were registered with.

On this site, you basically have to share on any local torrent (registered with this tracker) you download and pay it forward. Regular member can only leech 2 torrents at a time and your ratio will be checked. Your ratio have to be over 1.0 to download. One torrent download per user is allowed. You can't share torrents outside here it'll ruin your ratio associated with your userid and two people can't download one torrent downloaded from here. Each user has to download their own torrent from this site!. You can also become a VIP, based on your upload GB amount (seeding) and few other things like number of torrents you had seeded and time spend seeding and bonus settings and other stuff like that. I will look through member accounts from time to time and upgrade members rank to VIP when I see such criteria are met! Keep in mind, You will also be downgraded from VIP to a just a community member based on same reciprocal criteria!!!

Whenever you seed with or without any leechers, the system will keep track of your activity and give you bonus points that you can trade in for ratio by clicking on BON in user toolbar above.

If you can't seed, just donate to the site and increase your ratio to help yourself and the community by keeping the site alive so we can pay for the  monthly operational expenses.

You also can become a VIP based on following donation amount!

donation $ amount, vip period, $ cost per day
96, year, (0.26)
77, nine months, (0.28 )
54, six months, (0.30)
28, three months, (0.32)
10, one month, (0.33333)

VIP access has no limit on number of torrents that can be downloaded and your donation/vip subscription will upgrade your ratio to a VIP level based on above settings.

Cheers and Enjoy!
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 27/09/2009 21:10
Title: database tuning

Finally got a chance to do some database tuning. Site should load and operate much quicker. Enjoy!
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 13/05/2009 20:33
Title: SeedBonus, freeleech (silver,gold) & VIP

SeedBonus has been activated.
You should see BON on right side of your ratio above in the user menu bar and there is number on the right side of BON.
You will receive points for seeding and you can trade them in to increase upload ratio.

Gold/Silver (Freeleech) is now active. 100% free leech=gold (torrents that do not effect your download ratio)
%50 free leech=Silver (half effects ratio)

Then soon after, maybe , I will have to add option for buying VIP membership in addition to option of buying upload ratio that we currently have with the  donations system, so I can sustain this site, otherwise I will have to forget about this site and don't care anymore and shut it down!

VIP status (unlimited downloaded) can be attaind with donation of $10 a month (0.33 cents a day).
You still do need to maintain your ratio over 1.0 to download period, but over 1.0 ratio and VIP membership gives you unlimited local torrent (torrents registered with our tracker) download capability.

Currently, regular members can only download 2 torrents at a time and need to maintain ratio as well.

VIP Membership costs might end up something like this:

dollar, vip period, (cents cost per day)
96, year, (0.26)
77, nine months, (0.28 )
54, six months, (0.30)
28, three months, (0.32)
10, one month, (0.33333)

some of the vip ranks are slowly being establish manually and members could easily be demoted or promoted to vip based on various criterias!
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 06/05/2009 19:28
Title: Donation

I need everyone's donation of whatever amount that you can afford to help out and donate to keep this site alive, otherwise I will have to shut it down or change it only to subscription based model after first newbie free downloads and etc. Thanks for your support!
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 06/03/2009 04:07
Title: Latest site news and upcoming changes!

Torrents from uploader spider  won't have description and we can't verify them since they are fetched from external trackers in a mass update and we don't have the resources to verify one by one! We'll do the best to see what they are and delete the junks and we will need to rely on the input and feedback from the  community members to put comments in torrent detail page and we'll try to clean them up!

VIP group are being established very soon....Requirement are high ratio members with lots of uploaded GB. VIP group have unlimited permission and access and privileges, but the system also can easily demote vip back to being a regular member automatically based on ratio and other criteria.

Regular members with ratio below 1.25 and those who have low GB uploaded can only download two active internal torrents at a time and at times will have to help out with the fund drive or just seed to increase ratios.

Newbies can always download two active torrents at a time to get started and be welcomed to site and to be encouraged to maintain over 1.25 ratio.

All other banning/duplicate IP and users and ratio requirements are still in effect. 1GB is still given to all new members which needs to be used wisely!

Bonus Seeding program will be coming soon.

Free leeching torrents (public torrents) are also coming up soon. Torrents that won't effect your ratio and are free to leech. Example: Torrents that you see ExtDemon peers in the swarm around them. They are public and are usually tv rips and for public and spreading the word about iraniantorrents.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 11/01/2009 05:20
Title: Current site news

Dear Members,
We have indeed come a long way!
We have gone over 300 torrents that are now indexed on the site. That is not bad at all. Very good! Congratulation to all the members. Hope this site has helped people's lives and increased knowledge on Iran for all members.
Do Not forget to Donate any amount you can to help keep the site alive, so we can sustain and expand. We have fund drive campaign many times during the month. Fund drive alert are visible for certain members with specific criteria to inform them that we also need help to stay alive and pay the bills for this site. It is not a one way street. Fund drive are for raising donation so we can pay the bills and stay online. Thanks to all who donate and help us during fund drive campaigns. Times are tough and we need all the financial help to keep the site running.
If you upload a torrent and an automatic post is generated in the forum and you like to delete that forum post. Give it a try and see if you can do it. You should be able to.

Persian-Farsi board has been added to the forum for Persians who don't speak English and would like to type Farsi/Persian. (Experimental)

Keep your tracker style/theme at xBtit_Default, others will have to be removed/disabled or fixed! not too fast. Interestingly enough I was able to change styles and index  page loaded fine! we'll have to see what's broken with other styles, if any!
quick guide for beginners

downloading torrent = save a torrent from site to one's computer

leeching torrent = sharing (downloading and uploading) pieces of a file in a swarm of peers on a torrent using bittorrent client- your ratio could increase or decrease

seeding torrent = uploading while in a swarm of peers on a torrent and you have all the pieces using bittorrent client - ratio will increase

WT= Your Waiting time message in bittorrent client status ,  while leeching. You will see message if your ratio is below 0.75

banned= if you are banned, you will get a message in bt client saying," You can only seed with this tracker, until your ratio improves", you will have no access to the web site via browser. If banned send admin an email and we'll see if we can help and make suggestion to what you should do!

download check=you can't download torrent from site, if your ratio is below 0.50, but if you go to your panel, you can download the torrents that you already completed and you can seed them to increase ratio or just play blackjack and see if you increase your ratio!tongue.gif if you can't donate!


Please don't upload the same torrent you downloaded from this site back to the tracker, thinking this will improve your ratio! Site won't take same torrent that you downloaded from this site or torrents that already exists (same hashinfo). It'll only take torrents you have created and have our announce url or all together external torrents from other trackers.

So seed (start sharing) the local torrents that you have already downloaded from this site. Here is beginner's guide for how to use utorrent at

Uploading or leeching/seeding external torrent will not effect your ratio on this tracker, but will effect your ratio on other trackers and members from this site also need to leech them, so seed them just like local torrents on our tracker.

[b]Only seeding local torrents or making a donation ($3 equals to 1 GB upload boost in the ratio and $6 = 2GB and so forth) can improve your ratio. Donations not only helps you with ratio, so you don't have to leave your computer on at odd hours (Keep in mind, peers are from all the timezones of the world), but also helps the cause of this site and supports us to pay for the monthly cost of running the servers and web hosting.

Additionally, making a new torrent and seeding it, is very good for only torrents that are old and perhaps are dead and need to be re-seeded, which helps the community.

If you download a torrent from this tracker and you finished your download and then on your computer, you delete the torrent without seeding it long enough and your ratio goes below 0.5, then you go to your panel and in history section redownload the torrent and point it to your data directory and seed it ! So better, not to delete torrents from your computer, you never know when you need them. This is a small community and sometimes torrent reseed request comes in after many many months to help others like yourself.

If you don't have ur bt client port configured properly and etc...and it shows red in the torrent detail peer page, or for any other reason your bt client reporting incorrect number, you might get banned , so fix it (google bittorrent portforwarding/firewall on your router and etc)

Last note to remind everyone. The ratio requirement are very generous on this site and everyone starts with 1GB free and 0.50 is all that is required. or 0.75 without any waiting time.

We also find people that want to go around what we just described above for making this site a successful community. They probably think, they are very clever to take way more than they give back!  To those people, we ain't got much to say or we can't even allow ourself to spend time on or consider what they do as anything effective to our cause.

We will give another 1GB ratio boost, to all members around the same time frame as last year or a year after registration!. May/June of 2008,  was when the first round of our initial 1GB boost to all members occured.

So, enjoy the site and help Iranian Torrents community any which way you can!

Posted by: admin
Date posted: 01/01/2009 18:53
Title: 2009 Donations

Instant Automatic ratio update for donation has been in effect after the dotted line "------" below.


gempaul - ratio updated
ahmad- ratio updated
sabine - ratio updated

guest - fd ratio -updated
a_shimoon - fd ratio - updated
surenvasan - fd ratio - updated
gempaul -fd ratio updated
ctyler2 -fd ratio updated
gempaul -fd ratio updated
hvafaen -fd ratio - updated
karvandi - fd ratio -updated
billyhoush-fd ratio - updated
radeta- fd raio -updated
aakira009 - ratio updated
GemPaul- ratio updated
HvaFaen -fd ratio - updated
Anonymous- fd ratio - not yet -pm sent..waiting


Haridoss R.- fd ratio -updated
jordan s. - ratio updated
nerina s. - ratio updated
antonino f. - ratio updated

Thank you for your donations.
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 07/12/2008 17:13
Title: 2008 donations


ofsumon - ratio updated
amirm - ratio updated
ragheb - ratio updated
shanea - ratio updated


habibpc - ratio updated
amirM  - ratio updated
deniro - ratio updated


HvaFaen - ratio updated

Thank you
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 07/07/2008 23:04
Title: Please Donate and Visit sponsors!

We are a member supported community center and need your contribution to keep this site alive. Please donate to support us so we can sustain and expand. Thank you for your contribution.A $3 donation equals to 1GB upload ratio boost. Donations are non-refundable and if you start complaining and asking refund through paypal, your account will be banned. We don't have time for games or confusion or decision making issues on your part.

If this site is important to you, Please Click on paypal donate and give any amount ($1,$2,$5,$10...,$100) that you can to help us. We are trying to pay for some of the recurring monthly cost plus all the cost indured in deployment of this site since last year with help of advertisement. Please do not stop your donations, since we can not only rely on advertisement. Beside donation, you can also support us by visiting sponsors which you might find interesting. Visiting sponsors helps us pay for the monthly cost of running this site.
There are two ways, we can keep the site alive: 1) By your donations 2) By you visiting our sponsors . Thanks for your support.

-IranianTorrents Tracker/Forum Administrators
Posted by: admin
Date posted: 03/07/2008 07:33
Title: FAQ/Guideline updated!

Please first visit FAQ and follow the guidelines in it at link below:
before asking any questions. Thanks to our community moderator for updating and putting it all together

Please Support US

Apr 2017 Donation Progress 23%
23% (35 of 150 Dollars)

Goal: $150
Collected: $35

$1 = 666.66MB Share Ratio Boost
Increase seed ratio by seeding or converting seeding bonus points or make a donation.
Regular Members are Limited to 2 downloads at a time and ratio must be over 0.5 to be able to continue to download. On ratio below 1 , you will be warned when you log in to the site to increase ratio.
$25 donation= 3 month VIP status (no limit on download),if Ratio stay high, VIP rank stays!
Big Thanks to:
34 ws tekabi 25
34 wsnimitztlazo 10
39 wsmdhello 25
42 wsmason 5
85 wsRob 50
87 wsDennis 25
87 wsbachekoni 4
91 wsMehrdad 25
103 wsDavid 3
103 wsDavid 3
d=day, w=week
m=min, h=hour
CF=Country Flag

Registered: mojtabaava, googlebotDonor, Bacchus3021, SharamK

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